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This was a really fun web design and marketing project. Check out the newest home store in Richland, Michigan - You'll find everything from home wares to fashion wares. Go see Carri and tell her I sent you!


Hampton Inn - Buckhead, Atlanta

Excited to announce that two pieces of my artwork were chosen to adorn the walls of the new Hampton Inn - Buckhead. This piece here is 4'x7' and lives behind the reception desk.


Hampton Inn - Buckhead, Atlanta

This piece is 4'x5.5' in the breakfast area of the hotel. We made a quick trip up to ATL last weekend and while the hotel is still under renovation - the art was up! Lucky me!

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Hustle & Blog

One of the above I have absolutely nailed down in my professional life. The other...well, let's just say it will always be a work in progress. I envy all of you interweb creatives who keep up with a blog and the 432 other responsibilities you have to the viewers of said interwebs. You have more stamina than I.

Yeah, I did it. I let the dogs out.
— Witty t-shirt I saw on Pinterest.



When I tell people I am an artist, I often wonder what thoughts immediately scroll through their internal ticker tape...



I have spent the greater part of my adult life photo journaling the spontaneous moments, planned events and once...


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Often times my photographs inspire mental revelations that I was not aware would occur in the heat of my shutter...